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javiermartinezaguinaga I only spoke the truth ;)


The German National Team - opening credits (Brooklyn Nine - Nine inspirated) part 1 

Today’s paper

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Sorry, I can’t imagine Javi as anything but a puppy! Can you look at this man and think of something that’s not a puppy?

Anyway! I tried my best to capture them nicely! My fave kitty has to be Lahm though, those eyebrows!

Well it’s not ALL of Bayern like I said earlier, but hey! They’re so adorable! If I drew more I would kill myself off because of the cute!

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javiermartinezaginagaga.. is always pretty aggressive or in a bad mood..what?

Frankly It’s because of silly comments like yours

She’s one of the best people on this site, she’s wise, she doesn’t throw meaningless fits around, she’s passionate about the team and won’t tolerate bullshit from others, and she always tells the truth. There’s no shenanigans with her and that’s exactly what this place need.

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his name is neil patrick harris :o

lmao forgive me I was half dead and my brain’s not functioning. I’m so pethatic I didn’t even realise haha. fixed it though, thanks

Todo salió bien, ahora a seguir con la recuperación!
Everything went well, now i have to continue with the recovery!